How the Infinity Pool Became the Ultimate Status Symbol

Over the years, swimming pool designs have evolved significantly. With advancements in technology and endless engineering possibilities, these shells have become marvels of contemporary architecture. They’re no longer simply a hole in the ground – instead, they have become innovative and artistic. If you want to add the ultimate status symbol to your home, however, an infinity pool is the ideal choice.


Resort Living

If you’ve ever been to an overseas resort, it’s likely that you’ve seen these pools in action. They seem to go on forever, extending infinitely into the horizon, thanks to a clever optical illusion. They are built so that one (or multiple) sides of the shell are just a fraction lower than the water level so that the water continuously flows over it, giving the illusion that it’s flowing off into nothingness (when, in actual fact, it’s being captured in a basin below and cycled back in).


Take Advantage of a View

It should come as no surprise that vanishing infinity pools work fantastically in backyards with a view. Likewise, they are very suited to homes with elevation changes and open space. Most people purchase homes with a view so that they can take advantage of the beautiful landscape – the addition of one of these shells can really enhance the natural beauty of the landscape, ensuring that it’s the feature even whilst you’re swimming.


Stunning Water Feature

If you don’t have a property with elevation changes but you still want to enjoy the stunning appearance of the infinity edge, you could build what is known as a positive edge pool. These shells are not built on a slope and are instead built above the ground with the overflow wall becoming a feature of the design rather than the view. There will still be a catchment basin that will collect the water and circle it back into the main pool.

The sky is literally the limit when it comes to the design and layout of infinity pool, ensuring that yours will be one of a kind. They are usually constructed using concrete which can be made into almost any shape or design that you can imagine. They do, however, have to be carefully constructed to ensure that they are properly supported and won’t collapse. You need to contact a professional pool builder to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

So, in short, what are the advantages of infinity pools?

If you are looking for ways to add grace and beauty to your home, we hope that this article has given insight into why theinfinity pool is the ultimate in opulent design.

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