Whether you’re considering the installation of a new pool in your property or you’re curious about how the process works, you’ve come to the right place. Coral Pools follows a tried and true method when building or installing shells, so we can be sure our customers get a breathtaking result every time.

Pool type

Dig day booked

Prior to installing concrete swimming pools, all plans will have to be approved by your local council. Our team has been through this process countless times, and will happily liaise with the council on your behalf. Once our plans have been approved, the official commencement date will be booked.

Dig day - Excavation

Before we start, we measure the area to ensure the shell will be placed exactly where you want it, before beginning excavations. Plumbing is done during the excavation process, and is critical to ensure proper circulation and filtration.

Structural Steel Installation

The shell will be reinforced with steel wire, creating a cage to support the pressure from the thousands of litres of water that will soon fill your new pool.

Concrete Spray

A mixture of cement and sand (known as gunite) is sprayed to create the walls and floor of your pools shell, which then needs to cure for around 30 days. This is the main reason why concrete pools take so long to create, but with proper care it will produce a strong and lasting shell.

Interior Lining

Quartzon interior

More than a luxurious finish, quartzon offers a unique render that comes in a range of stunning colours to complement your pool space. Made from fade resistant ceramic pigments, it’s smooth yet slip resistant – and easy to clean.

Fully Tiled

With an almost infinite range of tiles to choose from, this option allows you to create a completely one-of-a-kind finish that perfectly complements your home. Long regarded as the premium finish, a fully tiled pool is extremely durable and attractive.

Connection of filtration

The plumbing that was done earlier can now be connected to ensure a clean and healthy pool all year round. Electrical work can also be connected at this stage if you’re planning on under water or water-line lighting.


Before you dive in – or dip your toes –we will walk you through your first chemical balancing and cleaning process. This will give you the skills you need to care for your pool well into the future, ensuring it stays as beautiful as it was on the very first day you used it.


Dig Day Booked

Before we begin installing your new fibreglass shell, we visit your property for an official site inspection. While we do this, we will determine exactly where to install your pool. The site report will be written based on the information we attain today.

Dig day - Excavation

Today is the big day! We begin by marking out the exact space where your pool will be installed, before bringing the ‘heavy lifting’ machinery on site. The installer will supervise the excavation process and drainage material will be laid on the floor of the whole.

Shell Installation

Now that the hole has been dug, it’s time to install your new fibreglass shell into your property. Pool plumbing will be fitted, and a small amount of water (no more than 30cm) may be used to keep the pool from floating if rain is predicted. Australian law requires us to install permanent or temporary fencing before we fill your pool any further.

Plumbing and Electrical

Now that the shell is in place, we can install the finer features which help it stand out from the crowd. We begin by backfilling the pool (filling in the gaps between the shell and the earth) with a cement mixture, whilst filling the pool with water!

The filtration systems, water pump and sanitiser will also be installed at this stage. Depending on our client, we can also install a solar heating or gas heating system too – that way you can use your pool all year round, no matter what the weather.


Once the pool is filled, we work with our clients to ensure they are comfortable with caring for their pool into the future. This includes instructions for operation of the pool and it’s equipment, as well as understanding the correct chemicals and pH levels needed for their pool.

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